Award-winning service

Our award-winning service model allows us to deliver the simplicity, efficiency and proximity your business depends on to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Acer for Business provides round-the-clock access to skilled and experienced technicians located in our integrated network of contact centres and repair centres.

The Acer Service Network is organized to operate quickly and efficiently and ensures high quality service.

Country and Regions
Central Logistic Hubs
Service and Repair Centres
Authenticated Service Engineers
Contact Centres
Annual Repair Capacity


Acer offers a standard warranty on all products that can vary from 1 year to 3 years according to the model.

We also offer additional or extended warranties on our products:

Acer Care Plus guarantees priority service, exclusive telephone support, accident protection, data recovery, complimentary on-site repair and much more. It also provides unlimited access to Acer Care Centre, a digital assistant designed to help you keep your drivers and software up to date along with maintenance support. You can even use it to check your system info and give your PC a tune-up for better performance.

The Acer International Travelers Warranty [ITW] applies to Acer-branded notebooks and tablets and offers international support on devices at our ITW service locations.

Acer Advantage is a warranty extension program that can be purchased with any Acer product, adding additional years to the standard service plan.

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