Businesses evolve. Societies evolve. Expectations evolve. Customers evolve

 In a world designed to evolve, our commitment to your success as your business evolves is a constant you can depend on. No matter how large or small your organization, Acer’s easy-to-use and easy-to-manage notebooks, desktops and workstations give you peace of mind to run your activities smoothly and all the power and efficiency you need to meet the challenges of the most demanding workloads and get the job done.

Technologies & Features

Windows AutoPilot

Windows AutoPilot is an out-of-the-box deployment technology that allows companies to deploy and pre-configure devices in the cloud before they are delivered to final users.

Google Zero-touch

Google Zero-touch enrollment means that devices are registered to automatically enroll into the enterprise administration the moment the employee connects to the internet.

ISV certification

ISV certification verifies that the most critical applications run reliably on our devices, ensuring optimal performance and a high-quality user experience.

Product customization

Product customization allows Acer’s customers ordering 200 devices or more to have their devices built rapidly to their own exact specifications.

Commercial BIOS

Commercial BIOS can be customized to add the company logo on startup, or to limit access to the system or BIOS updates, as well as allowing automatic updates via an executable file.

Military grade tests ensure Acer TravelMate and EDURO devices stand up to the rigours of a business world that never stands still.

Antimicrobial solution offers protection from thousands of microbes. A BPR & EPA-compliant silver-ion agent is proven to show a consistent microbial reduction rate against a broad range of bacteria under the JIS Z 2801 & ISO 22196 test protocol.

Autopilot Tecnology

ISV certification

Product Customization

Zero Touch Enrollment