Acer’s corporate commitment is to build a resilient company for a sustainable future.

We have always taken great steps to reduce the impact our products have on natural resources by becoming environmentally, morally, and socially responsible, and since 2006, we have comprehensively and thoroughly reviewed our actions for global sustainable development.



Renewable energy usage in IT products business operations

3,24 m kWh

3.24 million kWh Annual solar power generation globally

>8,8 mil

More than 8,8 million units use post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics


>6million units of phthalate-free products across product lines

- 60​

The equivalent of 60 tons of CO2 reduced


100% of Acer laptops are packed with recycled paper molds


9.000 man-hours

Almost 9.000 man-hours have been invested in regional social projects

2 million people

More than 2 million people benefited of Acer social projects

2 million US$

2 million US$ total investment in global social philanthropy and community engagement

3.828 Acer volunteers

3.828 Acer volunteers participating environmentally friendly activities in 2020

Supply chain management


Second-tier suppliers to whom supplier management has been expanded


Critical suppliers that have set science-based targets (SBTs) for carbon reduction set


First-tier suppliers subjected to on-site audits


Percentage of smelters that meet third-party OECD Due Diligence Guidance

Acer Corporate Social Responsibility