PC ecologici

Vero is our green scheme to move towards more sustainable solutions through eco-friendly products that are responsible in nature

Portatili professionali

The durable TravelMate series is built to comply with MIL-STD, a set of U.S. military grade tests that check the durability

Desktop professionali

Veriton desktops are designed from the ground up with customer-driven innovation, delivering the highest levels of performance

Monitor professionali

When class-leading technology meets award-winning design, a monitor can offer a truly immersive experience while protecting your eyes

Proiettori professionali

Whether you need to project important spreadsheets to your clients, educate a classroom full of eager students or entertain an audience

PC ultraleggeri

Ultra-thin and stylish notebooks with all the power and flexibility you need to satisfy your mobile day.

PC Chrome

Chrome devices are sustainable endpoint computing solutiosn focused on reducing carbon footprint and electronic waste

PC Rugged

The best field mate for your business, Enduro has been designed for field workers and outdoor lovers looking for a robust yet reliable device

PC per la grafica

A fresh approach to creative technology, designed for out-of-the-box productivity and unrivalled performance


The Acer product portfolio combined with a wide range of accessories allows us to offer a complete solution and complete our ecosystem