Business projectors

Project your vision

Whether you need to project important spreadsheets to your clients, educate a classroom full of eager students or entertain an audience at your show, a professional grade projector will help you to get the job done. Because great pictures let the power of your ideas shine through, and your best ideas will be a joy to follow at any presentation.

Effectively eco-friendly

Acer’s EcoProjection is an earth-friendly solution designed to save energy consumption. Acer's projectors automatically enter EcoMode when no input signal is detected, reducing power consumption up to 70 %.
Whisper-quiet noise levels of just 26 dBA create a healthy, caring work environment.
Mercury-free light sources are greener and safer to the environment. By eliminating the potential of mercury build up aftre lamp disposal, we create less harmful waste for earth.

Laser, Wireless or LED

Laser projection

Designed for long-term operation and large projections, the super energy-efficient laser technology saves up to 30% of power, while supporting 24/7 run-time without visible decay or a drop in brightness.

Wireless projection

Acer CastMaster Touch is a wireless cross platform presentation system that fits every meeting room. It also enhances meeting efficiency by sharing screens wirelessly and quickly switching between users, with up to 32 user connections simultaneously.

Interior of reception and meeting room 3D illustration

LED projection

LED projections produce light through electroluminescence, a process generating less heat, consuming less power and ensuring the life of the light source lasts longer than conventional light bulbs.
Being smaller than conventional lamp, it’s also ideal for portable projectors.

Colour accuracy

An accurate colour reproduction is ensured by the industry colour standard sRGB. By using a projector that utilizes that exact same sRGB standard as most monitors, printers, cameras and smartphones, consistent colours faithful to the original are guaranteed.

Acer ColorBoost 3D compensates for the typical colour loss of 3D glasses while enhancing colour brightness for 2D and 3D content, creating vivid colours like they should be.

Acer ColorSafe II combined with high-grade lamps keep consistent natural colours after many thousand hours, providing you with that same colour fidelity as on the first day.



Acer offers multiple payment options to their end users. Select the one that best fits your need:


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